3 years ago
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Anyone have any thoughts on Carleton College?

I've been looking at it online, and it seems like a good fit for me cus I'm looking for a smaller liberal arts school. I want to go in undecided btw. Anyways, if anyone has any thoughts about it, let me know. Looking for any info.

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3 years ago

Hey! I'm Matt -- I'm a data scientist here at CV and I graduated from Carleton a couple years ago. I majored in math and econ.

I had a great experience at Carleton, and think you should definitely consider it! Especially if you're interested in the small town liberal arts college vibe, it's definitely worth thinking about. We have really strong academics and the profs are great (similar to a lot of other LACs, especially the east coast ones + Pomona, Grinnell, etc.), but I think the culture on campus is way different from what you'd find at a lot of other LACs. We're definitely way more collaborative than competitive, which I really loved.

Definitely check out this page on some traditions at Carleton to get a better feel for campus culture: https://www.carleton.edu/admissions/explore/outside-class/traditions/

and I'd be happy to answer any other questions!

🎤3 years ago

Thanks so much for the help. I know that the math and science aspects of the school are really strong, but how are the humanity courses? I just see a lot about the biology and math department and not as much about the more artistic programs so I’m curious of your view of them.

3 years ago

This isn't really relevant, but for people trying to go on the pre-med track, what are good GPA and test scores for Carleton? What about the UMN- TC?

3 years ago

Honestly, I'm not the best person to ask. I know that people had good experiences in our English and history departments, but I'm not sure about arts as much. The only art class I ever took was photography to fill a distribution requirement... :/

I'd definitely recommend reaching out to admissions. I'd expect they'd be happy to find you a student or a prof to talk with who's in a more arts-focused major to answer your questions better than I can. Good luck!

3 years ago

@Mih806110 Check out your chances with our chancing calculator! We're rolling out some cool new chancing features as we speak, and that should give you a pretty good guess of your odds. I doubt your chances for pre-med specifically would be any different at Carleton (I'm not sure about the U) then they would be if you we're applying for something else, since Carleton doesn't make you apply with a major declared


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