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Volunteering For Medical School

Everyone I have asked said in order to go into the medical field I would need to volunteer in the college I want to study in. For how many hours do I need to volunteer?? And do I have to volunteer before I apply to the college or before I get into medical school. If I have this ideal wrong please explain it to me.


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3 years ago

Firstly, it is a good credit for you to get involved with the college you are applying to, and doing a research, internship ( or observation rotation at a hospital or clinic) or volunteering ( especially now during the pandemic) will enhance your application to medical school. If you have the opportunity to participate with the college your applying to, then go for it. Secondly, there is no specific times for you to volunteer but the work experience is basically required/recommended to show that you have experimented the field. So volunteering twice a week, or 10-15 hours a month, for the time you have will be sufficient. As I mentioned earlier, it is recommended to have work experience to get higher chances of getting admitted, so try to find an opportunity in an hospital, clinic etc. I personally did an internship for a month and learned a lot of knowledge about medicine. Lastly, search for research, intern, shadowing, volunteering etc opportunities in your community, like public hospitals and clinics near you, and try to search online too.

Good luck and I hope I helped you!!

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