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School List Suggestions


Hello guys am in kenya and in my last class in highschool and i study architecture as a career subject, what's the best university or college for me please help me out.

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6 months ago

If I am to recommend a University for you that's is best in architecture then it'll be Harvard University. Others are University of Chicago, Littleton University, Massachusetts Institute.

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Thanks for your advice


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When I think of architecture, one school immediately comes to mind. Cornell University. Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning is regarded as one of the world's most highly regarded architecture program. It provides a 5 year undergraduate program that balances between intensive curriculum and professional work opportunities. It's acceptance rate is 10.25%

Other schools with great Architecture programs

Rhode Island School of Design - RISD

Rice University

Cooper Union

Syracuse University

Virginia Tech

Pratt Institute


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Thanks alot for ur advice and help ill look up to them

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And can i get ur what's app number pliz i need to discuss with you something pliz


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