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School List Suggestions

College List and What Should I Look For?

Since I'm about to enter my junior year, my school has made it clear we need to come up with a list we think would best fit us. I want to pursue a career as an international human rights lawyer with an undergrad in international studies, psychology, or humanities. I don't really think the rank matters as long as the programs are great, so it would be great if I could get some suggestions to look into.

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Here is what I looked at when I was making my list. This are not in any particular order, they are listed according to how I thought of them. It is up to you to decide what you find is more important.

1. what type of school do you want to aim for? selective, Ivy, state schools, doesn't matter, etc.

2. Ideally where do you want your school to be? instate, in a rural area, the city, etc.

3. Does it offer the major you would like to study or a variety of majors in they field? For examples does it have a lot of social science majors? While this isn't a need I think it is good if you don't know exactly what you want to study but are sure on the field of study.

4.Cost, what type of aid do they offer? Do they have scholarships? Is it need or merit based?

5. Reputation, is it known as a party school? Is it known to be save? What is their motto?

6. Does it offer programs that seem fun like study abroad? Cool clubs?

I will probably remember more things later so if I do I'll add on to this. Good luck, your top choices should be places that you can see yourself living at for at least four years.

Part 2 after you have a basic (often longer than needed) list

1. attend their zoom meetings. These range from basics about the school and the campus to starting your essay. Besides the ones about facts about the school these go over info that is useful to know regardless as you start applying so they are a good use of time. It is honestly easier to just google school name online meetings or something similar than to look on their websites.

2. Sign up for their news letters. I won't lie they get annoying but I actually end up learning about the school through them because they showcase how they interact with students. For example one school like to make them fun and informal, which matches with their motto and showcases the vibe of the school. This also reminds me of something else, community can mean and present as different things to different schools. In the one that likes to be fun to them community is more traditional by group clubs and events while at another school by community they mean working closely with other students and professors.

3.Reach out to the school's counselors directly. They are usually listed by location so find the one that corresponds to you. Not only does this give you a direct

answer to a question but like going to their zoom meeting this helps demonstrate interest, and schools love growing their egos lol. This is why some people end up rejected from their safely schools but get into their selective targets. If a school feels you will choose to not attend if accepted they will often reject you, I believe this has to do with stats as having a high application to accepted and rejected rate makes them look elite.

(I am probably missing something again but the more yu try to remember the less likely you will so i'm out)

I hope my confusing writing isn't to much of a pain to read.

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Thank you so much! And yes, please let me know! The more, the merrier!

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Your very welcome :) I am going to add onto it now.

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This is great and so helpful! Thank you!


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can you give us maybe your GPA or your test scores or sth similar? its pretty hard to come up with a list like this. However, all of the Ivy League is great for what you wish to study and for preparing for law school, Amherst College too (it has a law, jurisprudence and social taught major).

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I currently have a 3.87 (unweighted) and I don’t have much test scores since I’m just starting AP and am supposed to be taking my AP test on Monday.


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