3 years ago
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What are some good international schools for engineering or computer science?

I'm looking for a school that teaches in English (at least for that program) and has a good reputation. Coming from the USA, schools abroad are considered harder and it is often difficult to qualify without really high scores. Does anyone have suggestions?

@Rosasanchez3 years ago [edited]

Hey! India's elite group of colleges the 'IITs' are pretty good. Famous people like Sundar Pichai, have done their undergrad in one of the IIT's. But you have to take a specific exam the JEE Advanced Online test, which is very very very competitive. Another good option is Singapore, colleges there too are very good and have nice engineering/ computer science courses. https://www.usnews.com/education/best-global-universities/engineering Hope this helps you. All the best. (:

@Vangogh3 years ago

IITs are super competitive as it is the most difficult undergrad exam in the world, especially for someone not from India. And you need a GPA above 3.5 and the syllabus includes come college course level stuff

@Rosasanchez3 years ago

Yeah true! It's very tough to get in, but if you can it's worth the hassle!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@akutugawa3 years ago

Thank you! I'll be sure to look into it :)

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3 years ago

The University of Melbourne

The University of Sydney

3 years ago

hey! So i can answer this for Europe since that's where I'm from and can speak to experiences of my friends. So, there are many programs taught in English and you should really also consider your culture, region and financial preference/circumstances. But, here is a list of schools that I suggest you look up:

1) England - Oxbridge (if applying to Cambridge, I have heard that Trinity is the best for your field of study), Imperial College,...

2) Netherlands - Delft and Eindhoven are probably the best, Tilburg as a great program for AI, Rotterdam is overall a great university so check for programs there

3) Switzerland - ETH Zurich

4) France - CentraleSupelec

I have also heard of great schools in Germany but I cannot really name you the exact universities.

For the rest of the world, universities in Singapore and Hong Kong are certainly top notch, but I have heard it is super hard for anyone to get admitted there. Also maybe check the Yale-NUS.

Good luck!

3 years ago

Trinity College in Ireland has a really good computer science program, there’s also a lot of ways to get to the college itself if you are moving to Ireland. There’s bus routes, taxis and motorways into the city. The college location is right near these routes also, it being a few minutes up from most bus stops. Hope this helped :D

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