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If I wanted to go to college to major in culinary, but also go to an HBCU that offers sororities, where should I go?

I want to go to school for cooking, but my extracurricular activities make me want to go to college. I want to go to an HBCU but I also have plans to join sororities. Are there any specific colleges that meet all those expectations?

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7 months ago

Being a black high school student, I also wondered this. What I would say is think about what do you want to get out of college, do you want to have fun, or focus strictly on work. For you, it might be a mix because you want to join a sorority, whatever HBCU u might be considering for culinary, make sure it is in a location where there is a huge need for hospitality. When I think of HBCU's I always think of Howard in D.C. but choose the college that has the best program and will give you the most money and what you think is best for your college life, remember you'll be there for four years.


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