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I’m hoping to graduate early, but I am unsure as to which online school I should turn to for completion of my third English credit and precalculus. I would like to take these courses with an online asynchronous program during the summer. Any suggestions? (preferably on the cheaper side, but I’ll take what I can get)

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5 months ago

Hi! Depends where you want credit to transfer. I'd recommend using Modern States to study for CLEP exams (given by the college board) if your school accepts that option. If you complete the Modern States course, the tests are free (and offered at pretty much every community college).


5 months ago[edited]

As someone that is currently taking Precalculus Honors, don't take an online asynchronous program unless you're pursuing a non-STEM major. You need a strong base of that subject particularly for the three levels of Calc that follow. On another note, I have used Johns Hopkins Talented Youth programs in the past for online credits in Science and Math and am planning on doing a Photography course to fulfill my arts credits at a local community college (online course). Johns Hopkins does provide financial aid and the community college courses are relatively cheap (like 75 bucks ish)


5 months ago

Hey! So your goal is to basically take the pre-req courses that you must complete if you want to graduate early. I think completing both precalc and English is risky as those are pretty hard classes in a 2 month span. However, if you really want to, you can. It is just highly unsuggested. Hope this helps!


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