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Volunteer/Internships for Aspiring Medical School Students

I've been looking at internship and volunteer opportunities for quite some time particularly in fields that would be beneficial to my knowledge base and resume (so like volunteering at hospitals, etc.), but a lot of options are closed due to COVID-19. Does anyone have any credible opportunities they have participated in the past that they have benefitted from?


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5 months ago

These types of opportunities were very hard to come by even before COVID-19 and now they will most likely be few and far between unfortunately. At least in-person opportunities.

Here's a list from ASU for some virtual volunteer opportunities: https://career.asu.edu/blog/7-pre-health-virtual-volunteer-opportunities-consider-during-social-distancing.

While definitely not as exciting since you can't travel check out Global Health Leadership Training program offered here: https://www.fimrc.org/virtual-volunteer-programs. They have some other opportunities too I just know the one I mentioned is for high school students.

Here's another list: https://undergraduate.northeastern.edu/prehealth/experiential-learning/community-engagement/.

I haven't participated in any of those but this should hopefully at least give you a strong foundation to start looking. If you do end up finding some opportunities be sure let people know - I think there are tons of students here who would be interested to learn how you did it!


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