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I committed to Fisk University, and so far I like the community there in my group chat, however, I have thought about transferring either after my first semester or first year and I want to know if transferring is a good idea. And since I will be majoring in education and psychology, what are some colleges that are good for education and psychology.


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6 months ago

I think it might be a bit early to be considering a transfer since you haven't had a chance to spend time on the campus and actually experience Fisk at this point. Transferring is a fine idea if you really aren't happy or think you can get accepted somewhere you think you'd be more happy. I considered transferring after my first semester of college, ended up not transferring, and I'm happy I gave my school a bit more time.

Many of the schools that are considered the top in the country will also be good for an education major. But, you also need to think about what you want to do with an education major. Some schools might be better suited for elementary education and others might be better for high school or postsecondary teaching. Others yet might be better for education administration. Some schools you might want to look into: Vanderbilt, UMich - Ann Arbor, UPenn, Michigan State, BC, BU, William and Mary.

Think about where you would want to teach too. Some states require you to get a Masters in order to teach, some you don't qualify for the highest level certifications without a Masters, and others you don't need one at all.


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