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Hey, help me chose

I was wondering whether I should go into Construction Management or Architecture. I like both and they are in the field of my interest, I do not know how much each of them makes but I know it is close, I do however think that Construction Management would be the better choice, would you help me decide?

Construction Management
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5 months ago

What do you like about each option? Because although they might be in your field of interest they are going to be vastly different in terms of what school you might want to go to, what you learn, and what you do for a job

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Well, I do like that architects do not have to do very much manual labor, but I do like being outside, I like being able to work on rainy days, because if I were to do construction Management then I would not be able to work when it would be raining. But I also want a job that will pay really well, and take less time in school.


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