3 years ago
School List Suggestions

School Suggestions

Hi, I'm a junior right now and I was wondering if anybody had any school suggestions. I am from NY and would like to stay in the New England region.

Some colleges I have liked are Vassar, Hamilton, SUNY Geneseo, and WPI

I want to go into biology (maybe on a premed track not sure yet).

GPA is about 3.8-4.0, my school does not release stats until the end of the year and I just took the SAT: Projected score was about 1350-1400 (took it Saturday)

EC: Robotics team, Part-time job, 3 honors societies.

I'm open to anything and just wanted to make sure that I had checked everywhere. Thank you

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3 years ago

Hi Jill! I'm a junior as well, with about the same score region and extracurriculars, so I have a lot of schools on my application list in that range (I'm actually applying to Hamilton). Some of the ones that made the list or I've considered applying to are NYU, Tufts University, Boston University, Trinity College, Hunter College, and Bates College.

It also depends on the environment you want. Big colleges like NYU and BU will likely have more of a social atmosphere and more choices in academics, where in smaller colleges like Bates you'll probably see the same people pretty often, along with smaller class sizes and less possible majors.

I would also research which colleges have the specific programs/majors you want to go into. Big private universities like NYU do have medicine, but they will probably have high tuition because it's such a popular school. However, it may have more internship or extracurricular activities than small private colleges.

It all comes down to which school meets the most of your requirements. I hope this helped!

3 years ago

For the pre-med track, Northeastern is a great school, and your stats seem to make you a competitive applicant. I see that you are part of a robotics team; WPI is definitely a great school for robotics as well as CMU. BU, RPI, and Lehigh are also great schools to consider.

3 years ago[edited]

I'll repeat and add onto other here:

I used to live in Massachusetts and was looking there so here are some thoughts:

UMass Amherst is the best Mass state school... Probably BU is more what you are looking for though with premed as they have some elite accelerated programs and great research! Strangely, I think Boston College is better for biology, but remember it is not as popular and a religious institution so it could be a + or -, but by no means should change your mind fully.

Northeastern has some fun co-op programs and research projects that you should look at... RPI is a good school as mentioned too, and Tufts is another fun institution to consider. CMU is great but in Pennsylvania... If you're willing to go that far South, Penn State and UPitt have some good options as well.

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