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I'm going into junior year in August, and I can't decide between my top three choices.

The main two are University of Southern California and University of Texas at Austin. My intended major(s) are Creative Writing (which is preferred) and Journalism. I would ideally like to double major in these two.

USC offers both of these, along with a bunch of other classes I'm interested in taking, but it is over 20 hours from where I live (Louisiana), and I can't decide if that's a deal breaker or not. I'm interested in going to school all over the country, but I know my parents won't like it, and I also know it will be more expensive.

UT Austin offer journalism, but it doesn't offer Creative Writing, only regular writing. However, it is way closer, and my parents already approve of this college. I'm just not sure it has as many opportunities for me as USC.

The final choice is Tulane, which is in-state, meaning I could get TOPS to pay for it. It doesn't have many majors that I would take, and I don't exactly want to live in Louisiana after high school, but it is the closest, and it will be the least expensive.

Is it worth it to risk it for my dream college, stay closer to home with a few less options, or go to the most money-smart choice even if it doesn't have my intended major?

UT Austin
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What all beyond major and location are you prioritizing? If you can I've me 5 I can give you better advice. Also how much is cost a factor? Also Im not sure but as Tulane is private have you verified if a state program applies?

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I would like to go to a medium-big college with an acceptance rate under 40%, also with big sports games (because I've never been to a school with sports programs and I think it would be fun). I would be more inclined to go to a college with creative writing as a major, not just a certificate, as well as one with a good student newspaper.

Cost is a pretty big factor, but my family income bracket qualifies for a relatively large financial aid package for most private universities (that I've seen so far).

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USC meets all of your criteria and while it is far away Id like to point out its about a 4hr flight and round trip its about $90 one way aka 180 round trip. USC doesn't meet full aid but its probably cheaper than UT Austin after aid. (You may be able to find a cheaper connecting flight out of LAX or another airport). I will say that Tulane is phenomonal nd that would probably be your cheapest option and its very close but without knowing you I don't know if you'd want to be close and is New Orleans close to your house.

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Also if you find a good major Tulane would actually be my pick solely because its a great school and just remember nothing says what collee you go to you have to live in that state.


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Is there a reason why you need to decide between the 3 right now? If you can I would recommend applying to all 3 and seeing if you are accepted at any and then you can make your decision.

It's crazy how expensive college applications have become so if it's not possible to apply to all 3 I totally understand. You might be able to get a fee waiver through your school, the collegeboard, the schools you'd apply to, NACAC, or there might be local scholarships which cover the costs.


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Yo, check out Northwestern and Johns Hopkins for stellar Creative Writing Programs & Journalism. I think Northwestern is better there personally, but Wolf Blitzer did go to JHU so it can't be that much farther behind in comparision... Both those schools are really easy to double major in so they could be good targets to consider for your wish to do both...UNC, UW Madison, and Rice were also high on my list for stellar student newspapers and journalism programs!

Now, from your choices, I know UT Austin is the only one that caught my eye for its great paper and journalism, but USC probably will give you more name rec. I know Tulane is a good school, so don't think I'm disregarding it: I just don't know much about it. Personally, I'd look at ECs between these schools by contacting their student papers, etc, as that will be crucial aspect of your school experience. I did this and it helped me whittle down my own list! And don't worry about deciding right now, as you still have plenty of time. Literally just going to a campus and getting a vibe once COVID-19 dies down hopefully, will help you make a decision. That is what lots of adults told me and they were right when I went after I got my decisions before putting a deposit. Good luck in your future! Hope I see you on the shelves of Barnes & Nobles in the future!


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Hi Livi, this is a tough decision. Personally, I did not even consider anything on the west coast because I didn’t want to buy a plane ticket every time I want to go home. I don’t know how homesick I’ll be and it might be detrimental to my college experience. That being said, you still have a lot of time to make a decision since you’re going to be a junior. I would consider maybe transferring into USC after you know how you’ll feel in college (changes in course load, being away from family). UT seems like a happy medium, you have some courses you want and it’s not too far away and you could always transfer to USC into a better program. I think it would be beneficial to look at some more schools as well there might be some good schools for writing that you haven’t found yet. Good Luck! :)


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