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Is the University of Utah a good school for microbiology?

Hi everyone,

I currently go to school in Utah and am surrounded by people who say "oh I'm just going to the U” and I just don't know if it's a quality state school or not.I know it has a good medical program but l want to be sure it's a good school to prepare me for grad school. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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5 months ago

Hi there! While the University of Utah doesn't have a specific microbiology program, it is a great place to prepare you for microbiology at the graduate level, and would be a perfect path to take (it also has lots of other programs just in case you change your mind!) If you really feel like want a school with a specific microbiology undergraduate program, then Weber State actually has a pretty good program. If you're willing to go out of state, then UC San Diego and University of Wisconsin are both attainable, affordable, and have phenomenal programs. Hope this helps!


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