5 months ago
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Extracaricular activities- do I have enough??

So after reading everyones extra activities, I am convinced I don’t have a shot at an Ivy League (or even an almost Ivy League) So basically I have a weighted 4.6, SAT of 1540. Varsity field hockey, varsity winter track and varsity spring track all years. All sorts of volunteer stuff through honor societies. . I have not started a company or written a book or done research. Help!!! Do I have a chance??

@K.hall5 months ago

You have several great accomplishments and should be very proud of your hard work so far! As an incoming student at Cornell, I recommend you do a few internships (over the summer) to help distinguish yourself. They can be at a prestigious organization or at a government agency - really whatever sparks your interest. Make sure that whatever you choose to do is what you are truly passionate about and not just because it looks impressive on a résumé. You’re off to a great start!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@peanutlee225 months ago

I am trying so hard to find an internship but it’s very hard.

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5 months ago

Hullo @peanutlee22

I think you could get a research position with a professor that your interested in over the summer. Just cold email local university professors in any field that you are interested! I did this and I got a research position with a UCLA Grad School Medicine Professor. Good luck!

5 months ago

Maybe I don't know a whole lot, but it seems to me you have a lot of really impressive accomplishments. I think you definitely have a chance and that a lot of those stories you are hearing are over exaggerated. Obviously, not everyone who goes to an Ivy League has written a book or started a company. They are huge schools.

Even so, it is always a good idea to apply to some schools that are easier to get into as a fail-safe.

If you are a junior, you also still have time to do some things that are really spectacular. Explore your passions. Do something good for the world.


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