3 years ago
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Creative writing major?

Hey! I am a junior and I'm looking for colleges with good English programs and hopefully ones with good creative writing majors?? Can anyone help me out? Thanks! I'm hoping to stay somewhat northeast in the continental US.

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3 years ago[edited]

Northwestern, JHU, and UT Austin too are good options but are a little far from New England if that's where you were looking...


3 years ago

Cool! I am also majoring in Creative Writing. I applied to a lot of different schools with really good programs, but unfortunately did not get into them or they didn't offer me enough financial aid. But here's a good list: Davidson, Appalachian State, UNC Chapel Hill, Clemson, Emory, and the University of Virginia.


3 years ago

Most of the Ivy League schools have world-renowned English departments. If that sparks your interest, try looking into their pre-college programs, specifically the Yale Young Global Scholars Program or Harvard Pre-College Program. I did both of them in high school and I truly enjoyed my courses. Hope this helped some!


3 years ago

When you look for which universities have the strongest writing departments, you should also look at the experience of the faculty and alumni because it will give you a better idea of the skills developed by each specific program. Another thing to look for are programs that complement the major, but are not directly academic such as if successful writers give talks or workshops at the university, who the adjunct professors are, and if the school has a Living Learning Community for students in the Creative Writing or English department. Lastly, because writing is a creative pursuit, it is equally important that the college you attend suits you as a person as well as a student since the environment you are in could affect you negatively or positively.

Good luck!


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