5 months ago
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Good online colleges for a student with adhd ?

I have ADHD and I'm looking for online colleges that have Criminal Justice, Criminology and Sociology. I've looked at every site under the sun and I can't find one.


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5 months ago

My best suggestion for you is to just find a good online school with a program you think you could succeed in. Most colleges have disability services and all you need to do is reach out to their office and ask for what you need! Since you already have an IEP, that shouldn't be to difficult. Just remember that college is different from highschool and you might need to adapt your plan to reflect that.

Finding and applying to colleges can be really stressful, so remember to take some breaks and don't be to hard on yourself. And never EVER feel bad for asking for accommodations, you deserve to be successful too.

I totally get wanting to do online classes as I have ADHD, autism, and I'm hard of hearing, but don't completely rule it out. Like @TarynB said, small classes are a life-saver, and you're in charge of your schedule so you could take breaks in between all your classes or only take a few every day.

Good luck this year, you got this!

5 months ago

You have a super challenging question, but there are many ways ahead. There are several excellent schools with accommodations for ADHD, that also have criminal justice programs. However, they are not necessarily going to continue to be online next year. On the other hand, more and more schools are including online learning these days, so you just have to check.

If you have an IEP or a 504 plan, you should be able to get appropriate accommodations, no matter where you attend. Some programs are more welcoming than others, and you can look up programs that have more accommodations. Make sure your plan is accurate/up-to-date and includes anything that could relate to college, and not just high school, such as getting PowerPoint presentations prior to the class to review, extended time for tests, the ability to leave and walk about for a bit, chewing gum, having a snack, using something to fidget with, etc.

Finally, try the ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) or other ADD-related resources. If they don't have information, they may be able to point you towards a resource that does.

Best of luck, and hope this helps!


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