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What are some good scholarships/competitions whose due dates haven't yet passed?

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8 months ago

Another good scholarship website is niche.com


8 months ago

Hey! I recommend using this scholarship website called ScholarshipOwl. You can personalized matches based on your profile and find scholarships that are available. However, you would have to pay to become a member but creating a profile is free and there is a free 7-day trial. Another great website to find good scholarships is called Access Scholarships, they list scholarships and shows the due dates. There are tons of other scholarships websites such as Bold.org and FastWeb. They would all show scholarships that are still available. I hope this helps!


7 months ago

Be careful, anything along the lines of "No-essay" and "One-Click Entry" Is practically a lottery drawing and your chances are very low. Use Niche, Fastweb, ScholarshipOwl, and CollegeXpress, but always assess how legit the scholarship is.

A few ones you could easily do:




8 months ago

Niche Scholarships are very thourough


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