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What's a university in Cali that has dental school

I'm looking for a uni in Cali that has a dental program

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5 months ago

Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine (Pomona, CA)

UCSF School of Dentistry (San Francisco, CA)

UCLA School of Dentistry (Los Angeles, CA)


6 months ago

For most dental school's you will have to have a bachelors already to apply usually. Some schools like UCLA have pre-dental programs but even those you need to be in undergrad or a recent grad. Just something to consider.

Here's the pre-dental program: https://dentistry.ucla.edu/academics-admissions/pre-dental-programs

Other schools to look into: UC Los Angeles, UC San Francisco, University of the Pacific, California Northstate University, USC, and Western University. All of them have dental schools.


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