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International universities with Zoology and small class sizes

It is always one or the other. All colleges in the U.S. that offer zoology or wildlife biology have class sizes in the 100's and usually not very esteemed academics. I really don't understand that but I am willing to go international. If someone wants to explain why no U.S. private colleges offer zoology please do so. Also, the way Cambridge requires 5 AP scores of 5 is ridiculous, and UMelbourne is extremely expensive.

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5 months ago

I went to college boards big future feature and selected semi to very selective colleges with zoology. Here are a few of them that list a decent student teacher ratios.

Berry College, GA 11:1 (Semi selective)

College of the Atlantic, ME 10:1 (Semi selective)

Liberty University, VA NA (very selective)

San Diego State University, CA 25:1 (very selective)


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it doesnt need to be super small classes but like under 50 average


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