7 months ago
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Help me choose: UBC, FSU, Standford Online or University of Columbia?

Hey guys,

I'm in need of some help choosing between these three schools. I am a part-time student and come from a middle class family. I don't want to be paying 50k or more a year for college, so I prob will not end up doing courses online from Stanford or University of Columbia.

As far as the other colleges go, I haven't visited University of British-Columbia but I know it is a beautiful campus and the other one I couldn't be more honest with you but I just chose this one because I have a love for airplanes and art!

Whats your major? EASY! Creative Writing... It's my passion and love of my life, Ive been wanting to do the major ever since I graduated high school.

Ps. Just write UC in the comments if you'd like me to attend the UC Creative Writing.

U of British Columbia
Full Sail University
Stanford (online
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7 months ago

I dont like Full Sail. Id say UBC


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