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How can a middle-income family afford college?

Hi! I'm new here and I've seen a bunch of scholarships for people with demonstrated financial need and EFC's of 0. That's not me. My family has done several net price calculators and, on need-based aid alone, we wind up paying around $20,000 a year. The schools may think we have that much money to give, but we really don't. I'm confident I'll receive some form of merit aid, but I don't know if it will be enough. I just wanted to ask everyone: do you know of any writing contests (English or Spanish), scholarships, or generous schools I should apply to?

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6 months ago

I think QuestBridge matches can be a good option if you are a student in the US, as it provides good scholarship opportunities. Also, most colleges are need-blind, so applying for financial aid would not affect your application.

5 months ago

I'm on my 2nd college child and I wouldn't say most colleges are need blind at all. We're in the same boat. We have enough to pay our bills but not to have $20 something left over a year to pay for college! I tell my husband i'm going to divorce him so that the kids can get need based $. If I did, we'd qualify at the highest tier of aid. Haha...I THINK I'm joking.


6 months ago

Hi there, idk why I can’t answer but I can leave comments, so I would recommend going for national merits, you need a 1320 or higher on your PSAT from Junior year, 100+ Volunteering hours and a 3.5 GPA (I think).

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Since you also said Spanish, I’ll assume that maybe the Hispanic scholarship? I haven’t looked into it much so I can’t help you there but know it exists.

6 months ago

Lastly, this also depends on the school you go to, if money is an issue, go to the best public school you can (State in U.S, like UCLA or OSU if you live in those states), try to avoid private unless you know they give out good scholarships (look into Vanderbilt for those, I heard they give out full rides but I’m not too sure).


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