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How to narrow down college list?

Hi! I'm a rising senior this year, and I am close to finishing my college list of which school I'm applying to. I am interested in majoring in biochemistry. My problem is that I have a wide variety of schools on my list and I want to lower the amount of school that I have. I'm not sure where to start though. Is there any advice to give for this problem?

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While choosing the schools you want to apply to, you can consider a wide range of criteria like:

1) Do they have a program that really interests you?

2) Are research opportunities available?

3) Does the school have clubs or activities you are interested in?

4) The cost of attending.

5) How far is the school from home?

6) Will the school put you on the right track to reach your long term goals?

7) Consider the size of the college and the diversity.

8) Different living and food options.

9) Safety of living.

10) Do they have Financial Aid and scholarships?

These are some examples of what you could consider. Make your own list and hopefully, that will bring down the number of colleges on your list.

All the best (:


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