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School List Suggestions

School Suggestions

Hi! I'm a rising freshman trying to form a school list early. Some info:

-3.8 GPA

-White, low-income female

-California, USA (Prefer to stay in-state)

-Prestige doesn't matter

-Interested in majoring in either psychology, social work, or sociology with the end goal of becoming a school counselor or school social worker

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Hey, twin! I'm a rising senior from the west coast also interested in psych feeding into an MSW. Like other commenters have said, research what type of school environment you want. Do you want small class sizes, or a large research university (if so, check out any UC)? Do you want liberal arts? Does the general political leaning of the student body matter to you? The California schools I'm looking at are University of San Diego, Santa Clara, USF, Pomona, Pitzer, and Chapman.

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3 years ago

I would say that because all of the fields you are interested in require further education than just a bachelor's degree, the main thing to look at for your college list would be the experience you could have at one school versus another. I think that it is awesome that you are already starting to build a list of schools to apply to because you will have some base knowledge to work with as your interests change or develop in general. Since you would prefer to stay in state, I would recommend looking at a list of schools in state, and then narrow it down by researching what each of their programs have that others do not. Right now your main focus should jsut be on finding out about what many many many schools have to offer because you can find your perfect fit college in a few years. The entire UCAL system has solid programs across the board, so you might want to research them. College Board, ACT, google, and College Vine all have great resources for researching schools.

Bonus tip: if you are interested in taking AP classes, the science ones will likely get you more college credit in those majors, but psychology, government, and even statistics could be useful to you content wise.

Best of luck!

3 years ago

Ok so UNCLE might be a good choice if you want to go far away from home. But Duke, liberty university, and university of Michigan might be something to check out. Hope that helps🙂

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