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School List Suggestions

school list help

Hi! I'm a rising senior looking for school list suggestions.

My GPA(weighted): 4.23

My GPA (unweighted): 3.80

AP Courses: 4/8

Honor Classes: 9/10

College Courses taken: 4 (possibly one more next year. those were from UCONN, the one I'm considering is at Wesleyan University.)

Favorite classes: English, French, History/Social Studies. I also love debate.

Interested in: Not sure? Definitely not math or science!

I have a good amount of extracurriculars and I also play several instruments and am very involved with music (festivals, performances, ensembles, masterclasses, etc.), and although I do not want to major in music good music programs (especially for non-music majors) are always a plus!

I've already found a bunch of reach schools (Northeastern, Emerson, Carnegie Mellon, Amherst, etc.), so targets and safeties (especially safeties) would be appreciated!! I would prefer schools in the New England area but if there's a really good school somewhere else you'd like to recommend that's cool! The only region I don't want to go to school in is the South.

I would also prefer small liberal arts colleges, but could be open to a very good (and cheap) bigger school. A bigger school known for giving lots of financial aid, for example, would be helpful.

Just to reiterate, I'm NOT looking for really prestigious and/or expensive schools! I've already found those! I've seen a lot of threads where the commenters only recommend Ivy League-type schools, and those are very far reach schools for me. I would like safety and target recommendations, please.

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Ok so I live in New England so this is definitely my time to shine. The University of Maine at Orono is a great school with many different majors and a great music program (my mom played there and loved it). It is a really good school for you to explore your interests and find which major you are interested in. It is considered a large school for Maine but it really isn’t big compared to many others. UMaine is also pretty easy to get into with your credentials. (Both my parents went there and as you can see have been trying to get me to go there). Other Maine universities are also pretty small due to our population though not as good. UMaine at Farmington and University of Southern Maine are both pretty good schools that are smaller than UMaine at Orono. I would also suggest looking at other state universities such as UVM and UNH although UVM is a little more expensive.


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What region of the US are you in or state?

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I'm in New England

3 years ago

Does that matter?

🎤3 years ago

Yeah, for a decent amount of schools in New England I can get cheaper prices because I'm in New England.

3 years ago

I’m a STEM guy through and through so can’t say anything about music but these are some quality New England Schools.

Some hard Targets I believe would be Northeastern Boston College BostonU Colgate. Targets could be Swartmore Lehigh and NYU. Safeties could be Drexel UMass Lowell UMass Amherst UConn and Rutgers non main campus. Also PennSt non main campuses is somewhere between safety and target but more on safety side. In that same Boat is Binghamton. I know you didn’t ask for this but did you look at Bates College Colby College and Bowdoin College?

Also for some music courses but not music mqjors check out this link. https://www.thoughtco.com/colleges-with-opportunities-music-non-majors-788276. Also consider using the college search tool! Also for some bon New England schools that would probably be a bit pricier and bigger would be Baylor Indiana and also I believe Tennessee.

Hope this helps.


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