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I am an international student from India. I'm a senior, 4.0 GPA, not taken SAT/ACT yet due to Covid, but will on 28 August. I want to major in English lit. I got a book of poems published from a local publication, I proof for Distributed Proofreaders, and I also like learning languages and I volunteer as translator for audiopedia, will also start translating for Translators Without Borders once I turn 18. Those are my major ecs, and I only have one award- I got a six month scholarship from my school for my tenth grade result. I need financial aid. Please suggest some schools for me, I am at a loss.


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4 months ago

We need more information if you want people to suggest schools for you. Right now we only know you want to major in English literature but you can find that at basically every school. Do you know the size of school you want? Location?

I'd also recommend filling out your information in our chancing profile and then going here: https://www.collegevine.com/schools/hub/all/canvas to start exploring schools. You can filter by different factors which matter to you and you'll have a sense of what schools are reach, target, safeties.


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