5 months ago
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Nature Loving Student


I am looking for schools with some student life. To me, these two things are important:

1) scenic campus/earthy

2) good location

So far, I LOVE the University of Vermont. Nice campus, outdoor activities, great location. I want to stay on the East Coast (I'm from NJ.) I'd love UCSC or Boulder if they were closer. Please list some recs!


3.982 weighted GPA

1180 SAT

Great ECs

Thanks!!!! <3


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5 months ago

You might be interested in some of the schools that are part of the Five College Consortium, all schools located in Western Massachusetts. Smith College is in a town called Northampton and there is plenty to do there like shopping, hiking, great places to eat, etc. Smith could definitely be described as "earthy" in my opinion too. Amherst College, Hampshire College, and Mount Holyoke College are others in the Consortium. The final school is UMASS Amherst which I think fits the description you provided the least but still could work.

All are great schools and you have the ability to take classes between all of them because they are part of the consortium. While I've never been to Burlington I do think you'll get a similar vibe if you get the chance to check them out in person - at least from Smith College but they are all so close to each other it wouldn't be hard to get somewhere if needed. Just note that Mount Holyoke and Smith are women colleges.

4 months ago

Appalachian State and UNC-Asheville in NC

5 months ago

Ok I live in VT, and it sounds like UVM would be perfect for you! Lewis and Clark is one the west coast, so might too far, but pretty. When you say great location, are you looking for stuff to do (shopping, eating out, etc) or like for outdoor activities?

5 months ago

I'd recommend Indiana University Bloomington. Probably the most beautiful campus in the country. They have a world-class business school. However, out-of-state tuition is 37,000.


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