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How good is Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York?

Hey guys, an international student here and I was hoping to apply to Skidmore College this fall for a biology major. But I couldn't find the rank of this school anywhere. How well-known is Skidmore College in the USA? While looking for jobs does the college you graduate from matter?

Thank you (:

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It's ranked #36 in Liberal Arts Colleges so it's generally well known, although I'm not sure how much so in the field of Biology. It is ranked #128 out of 1048 colleges in Best Colleges for Biology. These are just numbers and should not solely be used to compare colleges. I suggest you focus less on ranks and check out the Biology page on their website. See if it interests you. Schedule a virtual meeting with their alumni and specifically request to have it with a Bio Alumni. Ask them questions which concern you about the Bio Major in Skidmore.

To answer your last question, while looking for jobs, it does matter which college you graduate from but not as much as you'd think. No recruiter is going to turn their heads away from you just because you graduated from a lesser-known college although proving your merit to them might be a bit harder than if you'd have graduated from somewhere like Harvard or Yale.

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Thank you so much! This really helps!


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