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I aspire to major in one STEM + economics courses in a good university. Kindly suggest.


I am an international student, currently in 12th grade (high school senior). I am really looking forward to double majoring in economics/ finance + computer science. What university offers good courses in both the fields AND has a decent acceptance rate? Also, tuition is a big deciding factor for my family, so it would be great to get admitted with an affordable tuition (around 20,000 USD per year)! Any university that offers aid or scholarship would be great. But the major concern to sum up will be good double majors.


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hey, welcome to the community one program I found was Yale's computer science and economics program you can find more info on-http://catalog.yale.edu/ycps/subjects-of-instruction/computerscienceandeconomics/. Yale is also a well-known need blind school which means you will get 100% of your demonstrated need regardless of your citizenship status. In the terms of its acceptance rate it is 6.2%. Hope this information helps. EDIT- to calculate net price-https://admissions.yale.edu/estimate-your-cost

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This was helpful! Thanks!

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Hi there! Lots of schools offer special CS+Econ dual degrees (I've listed a very small sample below), but even at schools that don't have these dedicated programs, you are almost always able to double major in the two fields.

- Yale University [Acceptance rate 6.2%]

- Washington University in St. Louis [Acceptance rate 13.9%]

- University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign [Acceptance rate 59%]

- Brown University [Acceptance rate 7.1%]

- University of Pennsylvania (Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology) [Acceptance rate 7.7%]

Financial aid policies between these schools varies with regard to international students, with some (e.g. Yale) offering to meet your full demonstrated need and others not being able to practice need-blind admissions for international citizens.

Best of luck in the admissions process!


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