3 years ago
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Questions about Rice University.

Hi, I have a couple of questions about Rice University and want to know more about it since it seems like a good school for me.

- Is Rice located in the middle of Houston or is it farther out? I am a bit uneasy about going to college in the middle of a city since I live in a smaller suburb. If it is, how easy is it to adapt to city living and how safe is the area surrounding it?

- What is the weather like in Houston year round? Does it get very hot and humid there where outside activities would be compromised?

- Are there opportunities for outdoor activities (hiking, water activities, sports/clubs)?

- How easy is it to take classes from different colleges? Like what if I wanted to take science classes and engineering classes, or from other colleges within Rice?

- Lastly, how is the community and social life of the area?


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3 years ago

Hi @sa123m

Lucky for you :) I live in Houston so I can answer all your questions

1) Rice is located in the middle of the city inside of The Texas Medical Center that is full of hospitals and Medical Schools. It is pretty easy to adapt as there are many good things to do as most of the Museums and the Zoo are near by and the surrounding area is pretty safe just the areas away from Rice are a bit unsafe but many people will let you know about that and places to watch out in.

2) First of all I would say " Houston Weather Weird" right now its the summer so its pretty humid and usually its pretty hot with the highest being 110 F but this year its more cooler with the highest being 95-97F but even in this weather outdoor activities still carry on.

3) I would look on this website for any information regarding anything that interests you and if in need of further information give them a call and ask them about their ECs


4) It should be pretty easy for you to take other courses from different colleges based on your desired courses as the closest colleges would be U of H, Texas A&M and Baylor but I would check with them as every college has their own set of guidelines and rules.

5) The community is pretty nice and helpful for when you are in need and as for the social life it is pretty decent based on what I have heard but its pretty easy to make friends.

Hope this Helps!!! Good Luck!!!

3 years ago[edited]

As A Houston Area Resident Rice resides kind of in the middle of Houston/ outer area.

I live in a small suburb that borders HTX but you should be well acquainted. It’s not as intense as you might think. Houston has a lot of different activities and of course if you know someone with a car of have one that you bring you’ll be able to travel off campus Also Houston weather is bipolar. Sometimes it’s hot and humid and some days it’s alright. Be prepared in. The winter months with both regular and warm clothing because it might be 70 one day and then freezing the next. But more than likely in day December it could be consistently warm.

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