3 years ago
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Are there any colleges that don't require freshman to live on campus that have a music major?

Hi! I'm currently a sophomore in high school. I have a dilemma :/

I'm looking to find colleges on the East Coast that don't require freshman to live on campus. I'm planning on moving and finding an apartment together with a family member of mine, and I would prefer this living situation over living on campus. There are a few reasons for this:

- It will be a cheaper option for me

- I'll be more comfortable living with someone I'm already familiar with

- I'll have more space for my music equipment and other belongings

If anyone can direct me towards school recommendations, I'd greatly appreciate that !

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3 years ago

So are you and your family member planning on applying to the same schools? Or do they already live in a specific state where you want to apply? The East Coast has tons of schools so it would help if we knew what states on the east coast you want to apply. Or even if you're looking for somewhere warm or not.

Some things to keep in mind: if you're hoping to attend college in a city on the east coast think about how paying rent will impact you. Rent (and utilities and food) can be expensive so it might not necessarily be the cheaper for you. Also, if this family member is a similar age to you they're also going to need to be accepted to the school near you. If you get in and they don't, or vice versa, what will your plan be?

If you let us know what states you're interested in studying in or other aspects you're looking for in a college I can edit my answer and give you a list of what I find. I'd recommend considering other aspects you want in a college too, finding ones which fit your wishes, and then narrowing them down by if you can live off campus instead of finding colleges where you can live off campus and choosing from those.

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