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School List Suggestions

Should I still apply?

Since, AP scores are out. I've been wondering whether I should still apply to the Ivy League/prestigious schools that I have on my college lists.

- Harvard

- Brown

- Princeton

- University of Chicago and Florida

- Stanford

- John Hopkins

- Yale

- Notre Dame

Here are my STATS (Academics only):

- 3.8 GPA/ 4.8 GPA (soon to be 5.0 GPA)

- 1130 SAT (will take it again)

- No ACT

- Top 6% of my soon to be Senior Class. 25/391

- Mostly A's and B's no Cs or anything below that

- 6 AP classes as of now + Scores:

- AP psych: 3

- AP spanish and language: 4

- AP calc AB: 2

- APUSH: 4

- AP BIO: 3

- AP eng lang: 2

- 2 Cambridge

- At least 8 Honors

If you see that I'm not a good fit for any of these schools (I am aware that most of these are reach), please drop some colleges/universities that are safety for these stats.

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6 months ago

Given the scores and stats you have listed, I feel like you would be a better fit for some other schools. Unless you really worked hard to improve your scores, I think you would have a really have a hard time at an Ivy League school (if you got in at all). According to PrepScholar, a 1565 is the average SAT score accepted by Ivy League schools. (https://blog.prepscholar.com/good-sat-scores-ivy-league-plus)

I would have a hard time suggesting schools for you to consider, since I don't know what you are looking for in a college (location, major, religious affiliation, etc.).

Good luck with your college search!!!

6 months ago[edited]

It would also be helpful to know which grade you are in. Knowing the amount of time you have left to prepare for college could affect people's answers!

🎤6 months ago[edited]

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I don't have a preference in the location as long as it is is in the new England area of the United States.

My intended major is chemistry, neuroscience, and if I have the chance both.

I'm also a senior (going to graduate next year) and I plan to take my ACT/SAT in the fall of 2021.


6 months ago

You should always apply! But without knowing anything else it's is very difficult to tell if you are a good fit or not. According to last year's common data sets for those schools, the average percent of accepted students with SAT 1,000-1,200, was 1%. In the 1,200-1,400 range, the percent of accepted students was around 13%. And anything beyond that puts you with the 86% of accepted students. So as of now, it seems like an Ivy might not be the best fit unless you drastically improve your score.

🎤6 months ago

I've been trying to dramatically increase my score. I'm just waiting on the next SAT test date.

Thank you very much for your advice.

6 months ago

You are probably already doing this, but make sure you're studying hard during the summer! I use Khan Academy for SAT test prep.

6 months ago

One other thing to remember, it costs money to apply to schools. If you don't think you'll get into most of those schools, you might want to consider how many applications you want to pay for sending in.


6 months ago

Your scores are way below Ivy league standards so it will be very hard for you to get into them unless you have jaw dropping ECs. But you should apply to maybe a few of them (the ones which you really think you are 'fit' for).

The only reason why I'm telling you not to apply to every one of them is because college application takes a lot of time and you would ideally want to have some target and safety schools.

So, apply to maybe 1 or 2 Ivys but make sure you have sufficient time to complete your target and safety college's application.


6 months ago

It all depends on what you want to study!


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