5 months ago
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Do I need the SAT?

I thought this year we were allowed to not take the SAT so I didn't. Do I need it? Should I really take it if it isn't necessary?

It isn't necessary but if you want to
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5 months ago

I would definitely suggest taking the SAT. If you score well, it would improve your chances of getting into the college you want. If you don't score well, you don't have to send in your SAT score to colleges you're looking at.


5 months ago

In case you're eying the top selective schools, you must take the SAT even when they are test optional. They can actually compliment your GPA if you score well on them.


5 months ago[edited]

Honestly, if you have it and do well, then you'll be ready if a college asks for it. If you don't need it and have it, then all the better because at least you have it. You can always retake the test, but having it is a good option, even if the college you want to go to doesn't require it. You never know, things might change and you might go somewhere else where they require the SAT.


5 months ago

My suggestion would be to take it if you safely can. SATs are not compulsory but they do help.


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