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College List for PreMed

Hi! I'm a rising senior and needed help with my college list. I want to major in public health and be on the pre-med track. I want to apply to at most 20 schools on the east coast near the New England area (such as NJ, NY, PA, MA, VA, NC, etc). For stats, I've taken 6 APs (scores above 3) so far along with a course from a nearby community college. My unweighted GPA is around 3.85 and I got a 1500 on the SAT. Here's my list (please leave suggestions below):


- NYU, Duke, Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon




- Drexel, Rutgers, TCNJ, UMass

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1. Extracurriculars are really important so to get a better picture, could you share what you spend your time on and which years of high school you participated in that activity?

2. You could definitely look into BS/MD programs because they guarantee admission to med school and you se to have competitive stats! I know UPitt has one and BU does as well

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For extracurriculars: We have a club at my high school focused towards students interested in biology and medicine. I joined the club and become a board member which I will continue into my senior year as a President. I'm also part of MUN, a public health club at my school, and Chemistry Olympics. Last summer, I helped start a non-profit to teach English and I am still a board member for that. I am also a volunteer at another organization that teaches Hindi and culture to young children. I've done over 200 volunteer hours throughout high school from various places/events. I'm part of NHS and other smaller honors societies, but we don't do much for that. Lastly, I recently got a part-time job as a tutor.

For BS/MD Program -- would love to look into them, but (I might be wrong) I don't want to restrict myself to just medicine. As you can see, I have many other interests including medicine.

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Sound great! I would take a look at the following:

Reach: Yale, NYU

Target: Pepperdine, UWashington Seattle, UNC Chapel Hill

Safety: Seattle University, UIUC, UW Madison

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for your help! :)


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