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Best Schools for Criminal Justice BA/How to Get In?

Hi! I'm a senior this coming year in high school going for my BA in Criminal Justice but I have no idea which school would be best for that or what I should put on my application that would look good to a school that offers it. Any suggestions? Something anywhere from mid west to east region.

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4 months ago

Northeastern, UPenn, Liberty, Texas Christian University, and more have great programs. To get in, try doing law related activities like Model UN, mock trial, and more.

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Thank you so much!


3 months ago

John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a school in NYC specializing in Criminal Justice. I'm not sure how much you can do from now until application time to add onto your resume; I would suggest putting everything you've done in high school, regardless of whether or not it's specific to criminal justice.

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Okay, thanks!


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