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I want to be a labor and delivery nurse (well start out with being just a nurse) and I’m wondering what hbcus would be perfect for the medical field! Some that aren’t too far from home of course(Oklahoma)

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From what I've seen, the colleges closest to you that would perfect if you want to be in the medical field are Alabama State University (Montgomery, AL), Jackson State University (Jackson, MS), PraIrie View A&M University (Prairie View, TX), and Alabama A&M University (Huntsville, AL). These colleges have very good STEM programs that I think will match what you want tin a school. If you want to do more research on these school, collegevine has a great resource to check certain things about schools, just click I need help to... and under you should find "build a college list." To find more information about these colleges, you can go on each college's respective website and looks for more information that you need.


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