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What is WSU like?

Hi, I'm a senior (rising) and my top college is halfway across the country! This means that I don't get the chance to tour campus or the environment in which I would be living which is incredibly stressful. I have spent countless hours researching, and other than being in a small town, Washington State University seems like it would be a great match for me and my career goals. It has a dual major in my field of study that allows me to achieve almost everything I was looking for in a college. My only concern is I have never seen the campus in person or met with any faculty, the time difference and my work hours make virtual gatherings near impossible, so I have no clue what it will actually be like once I step on campus! Are the dorms in good condition? Is the campus in a safe area? Do they care about equality and the problems our country is facing? Do they have good faculty? How do they handle conflicts on campus? Is everything heavily politicized? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

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Most colleges have virtual tours and other chances to speak with the faculty/students about your questions. You should see if WSU has any of those opportunity. If anything, they will probably be more than happy to speak with a prospective student over the phone!

Good luck!!!


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