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Any Good Target Schools?

Hi, any good Target Schools for me based on these stats? 3.8 GPA, average extracurriculars, and coursework. I would like a school that's not in the city and not too big or small. (15,000 students maximum, and no less than 5,000 students.) Schools in the Northeast would be most ideal. My estimated SAT score is would be around average. I would like to major in graphic design or digital communications.

Thanks so much in advance! I'm really having a hard time finding target schools, but I have plenty of safety and reaches.


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2 months ago[edited]

Hey there! I think these are some great graphic design/digital communications-related schools:

1.Maryland Institute College of Art (Maryland)

2.Temple University (Pennsylvania)

3.Pratt Institute (New York)

4.Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia)

5.Rochester Institute of Technology (New York)

6.The New School (New York)

7.Liberty University (Virginia)

8.State University of New York at New Paltz (New York)

9.Sarah Lawrence College (New York)

10.Boston University, Boston College (Massachusetts)- a little more selective, but applying ED gives a boost, I believe

1.Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgia)

2.Chapman University (Cali)

3.University of Arizona (Arizona)

4.University of Georgia (Georgia)

These ones are not in the northeast regions, but they are still amazing!

Hope this helps! Good luck!

2 months ago

Hi there! I suggest you use CollgeVine's chancing and Cappex. CollegeVine will tell your chances, while Cappex will let you use filters to find your ideal school!

2 months ago

It's kind of hard to answer this question without knowing specifics about you. I would firstly suggest you look at in-state schools since they'll typically be cheaper, and will be bound to have a university which qualifies as a target school for you.

I would suggest searching for colleges in suburban or urban settings with mid-sized undergraduate populations. Even though you probably haven't taken a standardized test yet, estimate what your score will be, and select a school where your score is within the 25th-75th percentile of scorers.

If you can quantify a little more, such as what is too big or too small, what state you live in, what your estimated SAT or ACT is, I think I could help more.

Also, listing your safety and reach schools may help give us a picture of what a target school looks like for you.

2 months ago

What do you consider too big or too small? Those are pretty subjective and vary person to person so providing numbers could be helpful. I can look for some schools once I know more about the size.


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