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School List Suggestions

Engineering Colleges with Co-Ops/Build Teams/Projected Based Learning

I have several colleges in mind right now,but I want to know more. I think my stats are pretty good(4.0 and 1510) so I think you can suggest any colleges. In addition, if possible, can you tell me the vibe of the campus. Thx in advance

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Yes, Northeastern fits, known for their Co-Ops. Right in middle of Boston so lot around. All within walking distance since Boston is small.

WPI is project based and reportedly has a great community feel. Dorms and campus are mediocre.


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Hi there! I know a GREAT school that has excellence in engineering. In fact, if this school's engineering school was a school by itself, it would be the 27th in the nation! This school of wonders is, Arizona State University! ASU offers courses from aerospace to computing and biomedical works. There are many to choose from.

ASU also offers 4+1 programs, in which you will earn a bachelor's and masters in five years. It also depends on what kind of engineering you want to do. Computing? Biomedical? Aerospace?

Since you asked about the vibe, I will say it depends on the campus you attended. If you like NCAA Division 1 sports and social events, the Tempe campus is the way to go. There's also polytechnic, downtown, and many others. I will mention ASU also offers 100% online classes!

ASU also offers micro-scholarships through RaiseMe. You can actually apply to ASU from RaiseMe if you earned those scholarships. ASU also offers merit scholarships based on GPA and test scores if provided.

ASU is also a top research school. You have the ability to double major as well.

Your whole ASU experience really depends on you. What campus you attended, what you major in, and you as a person.

You can go to asu.edu to learn more!


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I would definitely recommend checking out Northeastern University. I know they have a solid engineering program and a great Co-Op program. The campus is located in Boston, so it's a city feel with lots to do outside of campus. Boston is a smaller city, so I personally find it less overwhelming than most cities.


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