3 months ago
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I recently made a 28 composite on my ACT, but my individual scores were nowhere near consistent. I made really high in English and Reading, but my Math and Science are still fairly low. Will this look bad to prospective colleges?

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3 months ago

If you have taken the SAT, consider using this (https://www.princetonreview.com/college-advice/act-to-sat-conversion) to see when score is better comparatively. I also got a 28, and my scores weren't as nearly as good as my practice tests, so I opted to send my SAT over ACT.


3 months ago

I feel like that would depend more on what you’re studying. Do you plan on going into a math and science career? And do you plan on taking the ACT again? You could always super score if you studied more for science and math and retook the test.


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