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Best NY schools for A+/A student?

What would be the best university in NY for someone to go to with around a 3.8/3.9 unweighted GPA. I’m currently a 10th grader, so i have time. I’m also taking 2 APs this year along with honors classes. Also thinking abt a poli-sci major or film major.

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4 months ago

Hi there! If you want a film major, NY is FULL of film schools. You should check out Pratt Institute if you want to go for an art's major. I've checked out Pratt and it's pretty good! You can use CollegeXpress.com to get in contact with The Pratt Institute!

I'm not too sure about a poli-sci major, you can try and look at New York University. But you can use Niche. Niche is pretty basic. Just go to Niche.com, look for colleges in NY, and set your major as poli-sci!


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