2 months ago
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Acceptance Based On Test Scores?

I'm not that satisfied with my SAT and ACT scores, and I would say that the colleges I want to apply are prestigious. Will it make a big impact on my acceptance rate?

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2 months ago

I think your low SAT/ACT scores could drastically affect your chances of admittance.

2 months ago

Most colleges want to make sure students won't drop out of their school, and for better or worse, they use the SAT/ACT as a means of measuring intelligence and whatnot.


a month ago

If you have a low standardized test score don't worry. Say you are applying to Harvard you need to cope for your low test score with outstanding EC'S and academics like I have seen a few videos on YT where some students with a low SAT/ACT score have gotten into a top school. So stop stressing about your test scores rather focus on your EC'S and academics.


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