3 years ago
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Howard Uni.

Howard University has been my dream school for awhile now however according to a few alumni's claims I'm left to question whether or not I should set my heart on a different school. For instance people claim that there is no air conditioning in some of the buildings and that the professors often don't show up for class. I don't know how true these claims are but if someone could please clarify for me the conditions of the dorms as well as the attitude of the professors I'd be super grateful. Thank you in advance. :)

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3 years ago

Howard University is and still is my dream HBCU. I heard the same things as well but do not let that stop you from applying. Everywhere you go won't be perfect, so only apply for yourself don't listen to social media


3 years ago[edited]

In terms of professors, Rate My Professor can help you avoid bad professors (they exist at every school, I really wouldn't say it is a reason to not attend). Not having air conditioning may not be ideal either but if it is a dream school it is probably something worth dealing with. It is important to apply to multiple schools so that you can have several options, but I wouldn't say the reasons you've heard about should deter you that much. I will say that from a singular google search there is something that is a little alarming to me, even as an outsider. With a lower acceptance rate, the graduation rate should (as it is in prestigious schools) be higher than it is. 59% graduation rate isn't great and it means that students don't get the resources they need to succeed.


3 years ago

First of all, why do you want to attend Howard University? What does it offer that other colleges don't and how important is that to you?

Which professors don't show up to class? What is the fail rate for those professors' classes? If the professor teaches the entry level gen ed writing course where you learn how to write a five sentence paragraph that you likely have already learned how to write AND if that professor passes most of the students, does it matter? (If those professors teach engineering and you're majoring in English, it doesn't matter either.) Try to see if you can find out that information from the students you have spoken to (if you still have a means of contacting them).

Depending on how close to the university you live, you could go discover for yourself whether or not there is AC in all of the buildings. If you do visit, you could ask current students about their opinion of the universities, professors, and general atmosphere of the university.

If you are at all unsure about whether or not this university is what you want, you should DEFINITELY investigate other universities.

Good luck with your college search!!!


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