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Is there a way to get your chances of getting into a college if you are applying ED?

CollegeVine's chancing lets you see your odds of getting into a college, but I haven't been able to find out how to see my odds if I'm applying ED.

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18 days ago

Hey @neponucenoc , great question! As was already noted, you will likely have to check US News or, in some cases, one of CV's blog posts or other content, for information on ED admission rates for specific colleges and universities. Something to keep in mind is that applying ED is a complex chancing situation: on the one hand, fewer students apply ED than do Regular at any given school, so your chances of admission are statistically higher if you apply early; however, the students who DO apply early are typically self-selecting and contain greater proportions of stronger applicants.

If you are certain that a a particular school is the one you want to be at, and if your indicated chances are sufficiently high that the extra push from applying early would benefit you, then I would say go for it. Otherwise, if you are uncertain, or you think your application could benefit from another semester's worth of grades on the books (those from senior fall), then I would apply regular.

I hope this is helpful, and good luck -- you got this!

18 days ago

Well, it looks like CollegeVine's system is not updated yet, and I think you have to go to usnews.com for ED percentages. But always remember, ED always gives you the extra boost in any way.


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