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Colleges with online music programs???

Hello! After some extended evaluations, I've decided to pursue a bachelor's in music; but online. Initially, I had planned to take classes at GCU (Grand Canyon University), but that was before I decided I wanted to do online. I applied to Hillsong College since they have that option, and it is affordable.

Does anyone know of any other colleges that offer online music programs? I'm open to any school, including religion-based schools, as long as they are Christian.

Thank you!

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18 days ago

A ton of colleges have online options for music, usually through their Continuing School or some other program. If you broaden your search to non-degree-granting programs, you could still get certification in less time. That being said, I did some research and was able to find a list of colleges with online, degree-granting music programs:

Berklee School of Music - Berklee Online program

Metalworks Institute (in Canada) - Online Diploma programs that are usually one or two years

Full Sail University - Online Music College

Academy of Art University

Hope this helps!

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Thank you! These seem like pretty good options.


16 days ago

If you're thinking of going to an online Christian school, consider looking at Liberty University in Virginia. It's a great school! My parents and a few friends went there, I've also considered Liberty myself. Liberty is listed as "one of the best online schools in the nation."

You can check out Liberty's online programs by going to https://www.liberty.edu/online/

Hope this helps!

🎤16 days ago

Thank you very much! I haven't really considered Liberty since it's in Virginia, and initially, I was thinking of moving to California or Florida. But I had heard of it since they spam me with letters and emails, lol!

Now that I'm going to do online, I'll look more into it; thank you!


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