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I'm an international student and Yale is my dream school. I'm considering to apply Yale in the restrictive early action but I'm afraid that it will give me disadvantage since there's a lot of competitive applicants in the REA. I also can't apply the other school's EA (incl my safeties) because it's restrictive. Should I apply in REA and apply to my safeties and target schools in the RD or should I apply to the other schools' EA and apple Yale in RD?

For context, I have some multinational organization experiences, national level award from the government, published 4 books, play volleyball in the regional tournament, and national cheerleading experience.

I'm the top 3 in my school, but I don't study STEM because my country's education system doesn't allow the social science students to take STEM courses (except for math), also, my country doesn't have AP/IB/Honor class. My average score is 91.38 out of 100, which is quite high in my country's scoring system. I learned Japanese by myself as a foreign language for 6 years, and Chinese for a year as a sophomore.

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Hellou! I'm an international student as well and am currently also debating whether to pursue REA at Yale or just leave it off to RD so that I can apply to other schools EA/ED. Personally, I don't think it's a mistake if you're willing to shoot your shot this early. I believe your ECs are pretty exceptional and they may reward you for your commitment to applying early.

I suggest asking yourself this "Do I really want to get into Yale or do I just want to get into a US university?" since that's the case for most international students when it comes to REA. Weigh in your pros and cons. If you feel like the application you have now represents you best as a student, then I say go for it! However, if you're still having some doubts, it's best to lay it off for a while as you go over your priorities in your college application.

P.S Kinda random, but are you from the PH?

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Thanks for your answer! I haven't decided whether I want to apply in REA or RD but I guess I'll compare it to my school list first to see if it's better to apply Yale early or the other schools early.

Ah also, nope! I'm not from the Philippines but we're from the same ASEAN region ahahaa


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