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lgbtq+ friendly with good psychology programs?

hi! i'm pretty bad at researching colleges, so i wanted to ask for help here.

my career plan is to become a clinical psychologist- it's been my dream job since i was a kid- but while i also want to look into a school with a good psychology program to support me, i also want a school that is above and beyond in the lgbtq+ friendliness department, since i'm an openly queer and gender non-conforming person and would rather not deal with any bigotry haha.

if anyone knows any schools that fit this, let me know! :D

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Well it would depend on your GPA, test scores, ECs, essay, and recommendations, but using the college chancing tool on this site is really helpful. Just fill out your information, and in your preferences, there will be a place where they ask how important it is that your college be LGBTQ+ friendly, have a good support network, have a great program for what you are studying, etc. When you do a search, it will tell your chances of getting into each school, made more accurate when you put in an intended major, and you can use the rankings button to hit best for psychology, so the list the comes up will be ranked from schools with the top psychology programs to those with less prestigious programs. When clicking on one of these schools, try to choose some labeled as Target, where you have a decent chance of getting in, and you can click on the details of that school, where you can get a breakdown of your compatibility with that school and why. Here it will tell you if your preferences match up with the school you click on, so you can see if that school is friendly and academically challenging for you.


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