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Heyo! I am a junior who is in the throes of honors classes, sports, and research/volunteer opportunities. I am really interested in becoming a microbiologist, with a focus on research of the immune systems of marine invertebrates (for the purpose of developing immunotherapies). Really specific, I know. But that leads to my question, what is the best program in the states for microbiology? I have looked at the University of Miami's dual degree program in Marine Biology and Microbiology/Immunology, which is seeming like the best option as of now. Are there any other ways to get an undergraduate degree that specific, and if so, what school would offer those kinds of programs? Also, is getting a dual degree or a major/minor kind of thing better? (Or get two separate degrees, although that feels a little extra.) Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hi there @Iauren2069,

If you're interested specifically in marine biology, you should look for schools in prime locations for research in this area.

If double majoring is too intense, you can always minor or get a specialization depending on the programs available at your school.

Our school list feature can help you narrow schools down by your prospective major/areas of study. You should definitely check it out and add your own fields of interest in order to find the best schools.

Hope this helps!

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You’re welcome!


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