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Graphic Design Major

I am trying to find a good college that is in North Carolina and will accept my ACT score of a 19. I would like to get a few suggestions on some colleges that will be good for me.

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Is lenoir ryhne a good university for graphic design major?


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Hello, NC has a few great options for schools with a graphic design major! The first one that comes to mind is NC State University, which has a stellar graphic design program that was ranked 4th for Visual Communication Degree Programs in 2019. Appalachian State University also has a BFA in Graphic Design. Additionally, High Point University also has a good graphic design program. Other honorable mentions include NC A&T, Meredith, and Campbell. Your ACT score of 19 is slightly on the lower side, but look into either retaking the test or applying test optional. If you can support your application with a good gpa, extracurricular profile, essays, and recommendations letters, you should be fine in admissions. Also, if there are ways you can show your talent/interest in graphic design through parts of your application, I believe you would have a good chance. Hope this helps!


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