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AP or Dual enrollment

Hey, y'all. I'm a freshman in high school and plan to go to Auburn University after I graduate. I plan to major in Elementary Education. I am undecided about if I should take AP, dual enrollment, or both. What do y'all think and why?

Dual enrollment
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As a dual enrollment student, I would say it depends. In Texas, schools have to accept credit from other Texas colleges so I'm limited to other instate schools if I want my time in college to mean anything. Check to see if you'll be able to transfer credits to Auburn in the first place, if you can't you might just end up retaking classes.

From what I've seen comparing my course work with my AP friends' mine is a lot easier but that depends on your teacher. I wrote an essay comparing three characters from some old British story to Gassligh Gatekeep Girlboss while my friends are reading multiple document DBQ and answering in paragraphs for each question.

If the credits transfer then you should totally do it, DC has a lot of benefits, lighter classes that have the ability to end early, paying two years less for university, getting connections. The only downsides might be your calenders for your college and high school might not line up and how quickly things feel like they are going by your senior year. If you do DC you'll get your bachelor's by the time current 8th readers are starting their first year of college. It's a bit stressful but if you want to get into the job market as quickly as you can it's worth it.


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AP courses carry more weight and are more recognized since the curriculum for the AP class is the same across the board. Dual Credit courses are typically seen as less rigorous and are regarded as Honors courses by many colleges. One of the main issues is that each college that offers dual credit courses has a different course and academic standard. Some English 101 courses are more difficult or easier depending on the college offering the course, so it varies. AP is definitely the way to go if you're planning on going out of state as it's more recognized. If your school doesn't offer an AP course for a class like English, Dual Credit would be the next best alternative.


27 days ago

I've done both and most schools that I'm interested in accept all AP classes (with a certain score) but most don't accept Dual Enrollment unless the college you took the class is within the same state as what college you want to go to (hopefully that makes sense!). Overall, I would prioritize AP classes over Dual Enrollment but Dual Enrollment looks really good on applications so I would take Dual Enrollment if there's no AP equivalent. Let me know if you want some clarification!


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