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Tuition Costs in New Places

Hey! I've always had the dream of going to college out-of-state. I've always wanted to move to a big city but I know that it can be rather expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions for colleges that have a good out-of-state cost?

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Schools like Vassar, Colgate, Colby, Amherst, etc offer amazing financial aid programmes as they meet 100% of demonstrated need and thus you should look at the rankings of schools that offer 100% of demonstrated need to applicant. I'm an international so I understand this.


13 days ago

Canisius College in Buffalo, NY is a great school at a good price. It is a Jesuit college, so it has the same values and standards as Boston College and Georgetown for half the price. A few years ago, the administration made the decision to lower its tuition back to its 2008 level to make their school affordable. Canisius has nice little scholarships, too, such as $2000 a year if you visit the campus during your senior year. Also, a $1500 music scholarship. They have a metro stop at the school that takes you to Buffalo's waterfront in 10 minutes. About 2,000 students so you get personal attention. Worth checking out for the value and the education.


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